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The InstaSpy Instagram Downloader is one of the most convient and well-made tools of this type. Our tool has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. You can download any content from the Instagram for free with just one click. Other similar websites have a lot of advertisements which can be annoying. Our service does not have a single advertisement which makes the page loading very fast. To download a video or photo from Instagram, all you need is the URL of the post or the username. Next select a desired tool and simply paste it into the text box and press 'Get'. The process usually takes less than one second. Then you can save the media to your device in the best quality. If you liked our tool, you can help us a lot by pressing social media share buttons!
This method works for all the media you want to download from Instagram in max quality:
• Copy the link to the content
• Paste it into the text box, press the Get button and wait 2 seconds
• Click the Download button to save media to your phone or PC
Only for public accounts
We cannot download private content for you
All links to the content you want to save need to be publicly accessible
Most of our users use this tool because they need to save Instagram media in the max available quality. In other words they need the original quality of the Instagram content. Our users save full size content right to their devices for the following reasons:
To reuse the content
Collecting Instagram images and videos that interests you most can inspire you and give you new ideas that will help you to produce new content for your Instagram page or your blog. Save Instagram media of your favorite players, influencers, entrepreneurs and friends.
To analyze competitors
Sometimes users need to download competitor’s visual content. You can use collected content to improve your own marketing strategy.
It's fast
After you press the button you will get ALL Instagram content in original quality under 1 second. Try it out! No queues, no ads.
Free for use
Use Instagram Downloader for free! Download images from Instagram for $0
Use from any device.
Save Instagram photos from any browser and any OS. Our downloader is highly optimized for mobile usage!
Only high-quality videos and photos
Save media in the highest resolution available
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