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➜ What is a Instagram Photo Downloader?
Instagram Photo downloader is a specially designed tool for downloading Instagram photos. With it you can save full size photos from any public Instagram account to your device. It is convenient and completely free. Instagram Photo Downloader helps you to save your favorite images to your smartphone.
➜ Why do you need Instagram Image Downloader?
First of all, if you want to download Instagram photo, the only way to do it is to use an Instagram Downloader. Of course, you can screenshot the post instead. But in that case you will lose the quality of the photo. By using InstaSpy Instagram Photo Downloader you get photos without any quality loss. As far as we know, a lot of people have no clue how to save images from Instagram in original quality, and this is where our tool comes help.
➜ How to use Instagram Photo Downloader?
• Copy the link to the content (the link should include `/p/`)
• Paste it into the text box, press the Get button and wait 2 seconds
• Click the Get button
➜ Can I download Instagram photos on my PC?
Yes. You can use our Instagram Photo Downloader online from any PC, tablet and phone regardless of your operating system.
➜ Can I download Instagram photos from a private account?
No, unfortunately. Downloading photos from private Instagram accounts is impossible.
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